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We’re glad you’re here! We are skilled clay darbuka and dohola producers. located in Center of Europa! Welcome!

What makes us special?

Each darbuka we create is unique. The never-repeatable and one-of-a-kind appearance of our instruments is the result of a unique glazing technology created by Baraka.
Perfect Skin Tension
The Baraka darbuka may be used in more humid weather conditions without the use of a lamp system because of its higher skin tension.
Safe Packing
Extra safe packing! No darbukas were broken during shipping!
Free worldwide shipping!
We offer free worldwide shipping on all orders.
No customs fees in EU
For purchases made within the EU, there are no customs fees, and delivery is quick.
Strong clay
Our high-temperature burning, combined with quality clay, ensures a stronger ceramic which is more resilient to physical damage.
Buy what you see and hear!
You can hear the sound of each specific Baraka instrument in a product page!
High quality bag and lamp system
Baraka instruments comes with high quality bag with shoulder straps and lamp system with anti-noise dimmer.