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  • What types and/or sizes of darbuka do you produce?

We produce darbuka in four dimensions: 8 (solo), 9 (sombaty), 10 (dohola), and 11 (bass dohola) inch.

  • Which skin do you use for the instruments?

Our instruments are most often made with goat skin. However, per customer request we can create darbuka with calf or fish skin.

  • Do you make custom made instruments?

Yes. Particular elements can be custom made. The customer can choose the size of the instrument (8, 9, 10, or 11 inch), type of skin (goat, calf, or fish), color direction, and whether the logo will be visible on top of the skin.

Bear in mind that all of our instruments are handmade which means that during the glazing process of our instruments certain variations in color can appear. This process contributes to each of our instruments being a unique work of art. We encourage our customers to choose the direction of colorization, and trust us with the art.

  • What do you consider as premium darbuka?

From each darbuka collection we choose the top one with the highest kick sound, easy and strong clay kick sound, most sophisticated body shape, and the most even skin. Such instruments are marked as premium.

  • Is the skin on the instrument even?

Tanned leather is not perfectly evened by default so we strive to get the maximum of it for each of our instruments.

  • When should I change the skin on my darbuka? / How long the skin on the darbuka lasts?

Elasticity of the skin decreases with more frequent use of the instrument. When you notice that you cannot get high pitch tones, not even with the help of the lamp, it is time to change the skin. We offer this service.

  • Can I purchase only skin for my darbuka?


  • Is a free bag included with the purchase of darbuka from Baraka shop?

Yes. All our instruments come in the bag, tailor-made for each instrument. Three centimeters of built-in sponge ensures high level protection of the instrument during transportation, as well as everyday use. The bag is rainfall resistant. It has backpack straps that make it easier to carry.

  • Can I purchase only the bag for my darbuka?


  • How do I tune my darbuka?

Tuning of darbuka is achieved with the lamp.

  • Does darbuka comes with the lamp?

Yes. Each instrument purchased from Baraka shop is shipped with free lamp. The lamp has anti-noise dimmer.

  • What is the anti-noise dimmer?

Anti-noise dimmer does not produce humming noise and it is excellent for live performance or any kind of stage performance.

  • How should I use the lamp with darbuka?

Install 60W old, Edison light bulb into lamp. Push the lamp stand into the bottom of the darbuka. Avoid using the highest setting of dimmer potentiometer since unsupervised use for a longer period of time can damage the skin.