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As a long-term darbuka enthusiast, I had a vision to spread happiness by turning a clay darbuka into a colourful piece of art with the rigid standard of quality, craftsmanship and creativity. This vision was built to perfection, step by step, from 2014 to fall of 2018 when Baraka percussion was officially brought to life.
Today Baraka darbukas are sold in more than 25 countries and on every continent.
All of Baraka percussion instruments are hand-made with love. We feature broad spectrum of models using a variety of colour combinations with special type of glazing process.
Simply put: there’s a high quality darbuka for each darbuka enthusiast available in the heart of Europe.
Lehel Nyers

Our team

Lehel Nyers
Chief executive
Péter Ózsvár
Potter Master
Olivera Grljevic
Sales Manager