Cherry Premium 9 inch Sombaty with Goat Skin


Listen to the sound of this product:


  • Middle thickness goat skin.
  • Even skin tonality around rim edge.
  • Sharp sound for solo performance.
  • Deep bass!
  • Loud clay kik/click sound!
  • Padded palm rest ribbon.
  • Bottom protection.
  • Handle for easy transfer.
  • Ability to attach a shoulder strap for playing in stand up position.


  • Body: Ceramic / Clay
  • Skin: Goat


  • Special red/green glazing with 3 burning!


  • Skin Diameter : 23 cm
  • Diameter: 33 cm
  • Height: 47 cm
  • It comes with:

    • Professional quality gig bag case with tick lining
    • Lamp system with anti-noise dimmer
    • Free worldwide shipping!

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1 review for Cherry Premium 9 inch Sombaty with Goat Skin

Matthew (verified owner)

I own several top-tier doumbek/darbukas, and this one is one of my favorites! Visually, it is a work of art, with impeccable craftsmanship. Sonically, it sounds amazing, with rich overtones and lush, resonant timbre. It has some additional features that make it special – the protective ring on the bottom, seamlessly woven and firmly integrated into the drum’s body. The wrap at the top not only covers the edge of the head but is also padded; it is functional and looks amazing. The handle is not something I’ve seen before and is a nice touch, and potentially very useful. My only wish is that the “Baraka” logo was not on the head or the body. It could be on the body, but it’s a bit excessive (at least to me) to also have it on the head. I know that it is the norm for prominent makers from the Middle East to put their names or symbols on the clear mylar heads and so the precedent has been set – but for natural skins, it is aesthetically a detractor. All in all my complaints are minimal – it is still a wonderful, functional drum that sounds amazing. It will be a treasured heirloom for my family. Thank you for your amazing creations. (((((((<3)))))))

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