Premium Matrix Dohola with Fish Skin


Listen to the sound of this instrument:


P r e m i u m line darbuka represents a perfectly-made product. In hand made instruments every darbuka/dohola is one of his kind. Rarely during the creation process a miracle is involved and the premium darbuka is born, one with the most perfect characteristics, the golden samples. In this line of darbukas materials like clay, glaze and natural skin met in a magical way which brings into life a balanced harmonic sound.

Extra protecting bottom shield. Protects the most vulnerable area of the ceramic body from damage. No more stress while putting down the instrument to the floor.


  • Strong and easy clay kik sound
  • Even tonality
  • Beautiful harmonic overtones.
  • Wide rim surface
  • Thin fish skin (0.2-0.25mm)


  • Body: Ceramic / Clay
  • Skin: Fish


  • Skin Diameter : 25.5 cm
  • Diameter: 36 cm
  • Height: 50 cm
  • It comes with:

    • Professional quality gig bag case with tick lining
    • Lamp system with anti-noise dimmer
    • Free worldwide shipping!
    • No customs check and fast delivery to EU!

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